Here at Lets Party Fireworks we have a real passion for all things pyrotechnic, It is this passion that enables us to provide unique cutting edge displays for every one of our customers. We take great pride in planning and designing your firework display that it will certainly be remembered for years to come.

Our specially trained pyrotechnicians will design a firework display uniquely for you, with you in mind. We can provide you with pyro musicals, Fireworks choreographed to music, Low noise displays, catering for small and large budgets.







Chief Firer/Project manager

Matt has many years of experience in the firework industry and has completed his BPA firers course. Matt does the major designing of our displays with the input of the rest of the team.


Chief Firer/Firer


Daryll has 8 years experience in the firework industry with a strong passion for pyrotechnics and has completed his BPA firers course.



Trainee Firer

Jade is currently our only female trainee. She works just as hard as the boys and never shys away from any of the work. She has a strong passion.

Admin, Secretary, Web


Sharyn is our hard working all rounder. She helps with bookings, design, Admin and keeping the crew on their toes.






Shane has 3 years experience in the firework industry and have a love for fireworks.

Crew Members

The Crew


The rest of the Crew/ Trainees/ Volunteers/ Helpers


Trainee Firer


Shaun is our newest team member and has 1 years experience. Shaun has true passion for all things pyrotechnic and a great asset to our team.

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